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 The Lukteitor people center their lives on honor, battle and the worship of the gods that guide them. If we speak strictly of the Lukteitor, this is a small nation by the standards of the present time and although they are a people made up of warriors trained from birth and ready for combat, their number is not enough to face the dangers that them. surround. This has led the Lukteitors to join other peoples displaced by the Wingrel advance or Sauber harassment, such as the mighty Amazons, swift centaurs, cunning harpies, burly minotaurs, and skilled satyrs, in an attempt. to survive the harsh life in the infested lands. These peoples have their own territories as vassal kingdoms of the Lukteitor kingdom, although it is common to see many of them coexisting within the great cities of the nation of the children of Lukterion. The Lukteitor nation is also known as the Exiled Kingdoms, since most of the kingdoms that make up this alliance were expelled from Oxlarum by the Sauber.